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We are building a new reality in Power generation.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to eradicate energy poverty by providing clean, affordable and sustainable renewable energy driven by innovative technology in an environment of best corporate practices.

About Us

TerraGen Energy Solutions Limited is committed to providing affordable, accessible and environmentally sustainable energy to proffer solutions to the Sub-Sahara energy crisis and the world. Our Tag-line “Loving the world means rethinking power generation” embodies our ethos of not just providing a more affordable source of energy, but deploying much more sustainable solutions that are both beneficial to man and nature.

TerraGen, the flagship product of the company , an autonomous power generator (APG), is a convergence of several technologies in wind, gravity and IoT based technology to produce a smart, off-grid, battery and gravity powered electric generator in meeting electrification, decentralization and digitization goals in renewable energy development.

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Why We Do What We Do

TerraGen ESL is established around four key goals and objectives. These goals help to provide guidance and direction in establishing corporate structures for the company and help in facilitating planning. These goals provide employees and stakeholders with much needed motivation and inspiration in building the company and driving towards desired outcomes. They help to provide a benchmark for our periodic performance reviews to ensure we are focused and remain on track. These goals include:

Eliminating Energy Poverty Through Affordable Power

One of our main objectives is to eliminate energy poverty, starting with Sub-Sahara Africa. Achieving this will boost growth in education, health care and improve socio-economic indices. With over 60% of Africa living in poverty, Africa needs a more affordable source of power to drive this growth and we are well positioned to deliver this solution.

Reducing Carbon-dioxide Emission

Power generation accounts for 25% of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere leading to climate change. Eliminating this greenhouse gas will help us contribute to the efforts of many in achieving carbon neutrality and aid in the sustainable co-existence of man and nature.

Creating Employment

Creating employment opportunities will help improve the quality of life of our community and help us truly add value to the environment we operate in. Sub-Sahara accounts for the highest unemployment rates and this also shows why the region is grappling with harsh economic poverty. Creating meaningful employment will help in boosting economic recovery.

Helping Ideas Succeed

Succeeding and helping others succeed is at the core of our belief. Creating a platform to drive technology development in Africa is not just socially responsible, but also economically viable.

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Our Work

Our flagship product, an intellectual property of the company, is able to generate both AC and DC power with capacities ranging from 10Kw to 5000Kw. The company is well positioned to solving Africa’s energy crises, thereby reducing energy poverty and aiding economic growth in the region and beyond.

Our World

Loving the earth means rethinking Power generation


Our Autonomous Power Generator flagship product

Our Economy

Helping to grow the economy through affordable power

Our Environment

Generating power through TerraGen helps to eliminate carbon-dioxide emission

Our Future

Improving human capital development through quality education fuelled by clean and affordable energy

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(+234) 1 453 3009

114B Ilupeju Street, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.